In Honor of Mother’s Day

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some of us have really complicated relationships with our mothers. Some us have deep, incredible friendships with our mothers. Some of us don’t know our mothers. In honor of the women who mothered you- whether they are your biological mother, your adoptive mother, your grandmother, your older sister, your best friend’s mom, your aunt, your cousin, or anyone in between, take a moment to reflect on the ways they shaped you, challenged you, supported you, made you grow.

Me and my mom at a sunflower festival. There was a thunderstorm rolling in but my mom stuck it out with me so I could pick all of the sunflowers my heart desired. One of the many reasons I love her. Thanks, Mom.

If you are lucky enough to tell your mother(s) thank you for all they have done to make you exactly who you are, do it. Don’t wait until Mother’s Day. Do it now.

If you can’t tell your mother(s) thank you or even if you can, find a way to honor them:

Write a letter to your senator or representative demanding that all women who are pregnant have access to good pre-natal and post-natal care, are guaranteed paid maternity leave, have the right to birth where they want (either at home or at a hospital).

Volunteer to babysit for free for a single mom, or for a mom that can’t afford to pay a babysitter and go out to dinner or see a movie.

Organize a canned food drive for a shelter that supports mothers and their children.

Ask a mother who is really busy, when the last time was that she took time to do something for herself. Encourage her to do it by offering to go out with her or by taking something off her plate.

Volunteer for an organization that raises awareness about the issues faced by girls and women.

What are some of the ways that you will honor the mother(s) in your life this weekend? How do you do it everyday? One of the things I’m going to do for my mom is  make her french toast from a really fancy recipe and write her a letter that tells her exactly how thankful I am to be her daughter.

Check out this post thanking a mother for being a feminist. It’s awesome.


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