US Women’s Soccer

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I think the support surrounding the US Women’s Soccer team over the last couple of weeks has been incredibly refreshing. It is rare that we see women heralded as sport heroes or regarded as phenomenal athletes. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather watch these women kick butt or lose (with all of their heart) in the final moments of the World Cup than watch a million Kim Kardashian style reality tv shows. That said in case you missed this interview amidst all of the other news coverage about them last week, take a minute to check it out now.

Don’t they just make you smile? Wouldn’t you love to have access to their games the same way you have access to College Football on Saturdays? I would.

Here’s the thing, even if you can’t catch this team in action, you can support your local women’s soccer team (or any local women’s sport for that matter). The Atlanta Beat has two more games this season. What’s that? You didn’t know Atlanta had a professional women’s soccer team? Well it does. Go on, check them out! (Hint: Their next game is July 23 at 7pm).

Allie Long (10) of Sky Blue FC is defended by Cat Whitehill (4) of the Atlanta Beat. Sky Blue FC defeated the Atlanta Beat 3-0 during a Women's Professional Soccer (WPS) match at Yurcak Field in Piscataway, NJ, on May 21, 2011. (Photo Credit: Howard C. Smith |


GT Alumna on Final Shuttle Mission

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Photo Credits: NASA

Georgia Tech Alumna and a 1996 graduate of the Materials Science and Engineering, Sandra Magnus is currently on the final NASA space shuttle mission. Magnus was the only woman in a crew of four and is one of 47 women to have flown in the U.S. space shuttle missions. Magnus is a NASA veteran, having flown twice before on Atlantis (2002) and Endeavor (2008). Prior to last Friday’s  launch of Atlantis, Magnus had flown 55 million miles and had spent over 5 months in the space.

For more information about women in space visit NASA’s page. And, for a fantastic graphic and blog post on women breaking through barriers in space check out Ms. Magazine’s blog.

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