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Design Sponge does a series called “Living in, ” this week they’re living in Thelma and Louise!

The inaugural class of Tech Girls, a three-week, intensive youth exchange, “to encourage innovation and promote the spread of new technologies to give women and girls the support that they need to become leaders in this field.”

Also, LPAC, believed to be the first PAC focused directly on issues that affect lesbians and their families debuted last week, and raised over $200, 000 in in it’s first day.  And an article that acknowledges and explores the “new” approaches women bring to philanthropy.


Sally Ride

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No doubt, you have heard by now, that astronaut Sally Ride passed away earlier this week.


Ride was the first American woman in space and remained committed to supporting young women interested in science fields throughout her life, through the work she did with her company, Sally Ride Science.  She broke barriers and made me believe that women were capable of anything. As a kid, I thought she was the coolest and I still do. Ride is survived by her partner of 27 years,  Tam O’Shaughnessy.

For more:

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Here at the WRC we believe in supporting survivors, not silencing them.

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Trigger warning.

Two guys, Will Frey and Austin Zehnder, raped  one of their high school classmates. They then took pictures and showed them to all of their friends. They plead guilty to felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor voyeurism. But then the court added an order that said the survivor was not allowed to talk about her rape or the men who raped her or she would be sentenced to jail time. The survivor, then took to twitter and stated, “There you go, lock me up,” and then listed the men’s names who raped her.  Here’s her story.

Due to outrage about the ruling, the charges against the survivor for violating the gag order have been dropped.

Let me be clear, it is NEVER okay to silence a survivor. It is always okay to support them in telling their story if they want to. This survivor wants to tell her story, and we support her in doing just that.

Sisters are the best.

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Did any of you ever have your hair cut by sibling? Or maybe, you’re like me and you were the one wielding the scissors. My now-grown little sister still hasn’t forgiven me for it.

Check out this audio clip (http://www.prx.org/pieces/73865-two-little-girls-explain-the-worst-haircut-ever#description)of an NPR reporter interviewing his daughters, Eva ( age 3) and Sadie (age 5), after Sadie cut her little sister Eva’s hair. So cute.

Caption: The Immediate Aftermath

The aftermath.

And a special Monday sister bonus, courtesy of my very own, wonderful, cool sister. This is a video of Lennon (age 12) and Maisy (age 8) singing their hearts out. So sweet.

Send your sisters and sister-friends some love today!

Sometimes you learn the neatest things when you least expect it!

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I was recently out in Reno, Nevada home of old school casinos and gateway to the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Great Basin. It’s a high desert town with an identity crisis, and because of this, it always surprises me. While taking an after dinner stroll, I stumbled across a mural of women painted on an old, probably long-abandoned building. Now, to be fair, I’d seen this mural before from the car (and loved it instantly) and  but I’d never had the occasion to walk right up to it.  I apologize in advance for the not-so- great quality of the photo, it was taken with my ancient phone.

Don’t they look cool? Tell me you wouldn’t have braved a gravel lot with broken bottles and sage brush to get a closer look.  Here’s the information about them, cleverly framed in a wheel that looks like it could have been taken directly from the car they are driving.

(Text: In 1909, twenty-two year old Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive across the United States in an automobile. She is depicted here, in her 1909 Maxwell Briscoe crossing the Nevada desert east of the Truckee Meadows.)

Now, I’ve made this drive and it’s no easy feat even in a car with air conditioning, power steering, and anti-lock breaks. Alice, on the other hand, had to use matches to light the torches used for headlamps and had to dig the car out of an irrigation ditch in Wyoming. It took Alice and the women who traveled with her 42 days (60 if you count the days they went sightseeing and were held up because of weather)  to make the journey from New York City to San Francisco.

In 1961, Alice wrote a book about her travels, Veil, Duster, and Tire Iron and there was also a children’s book written about her journey, Alice Ramsey’s Grand Adventure.  She traveled back and forth across the country 30 times. Alice Ramsey passed away at the age of 96, in 1983.

Photo: Alice Snitzer Burke and Nell Richardson change a tire on their suffragist journey

For more on Alice Ramsey:

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What does violence have to do with family planning?

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Each year the United States spends a portion of its foreign aid budget on family planning for people in developing nations.  Much of this money goes to providing condoms to the women and men of these nations, while a smaller portion of it goes to education and services. The UN estimates 200 million women currently don’t have access to contraception, a number that is grossly underestimated because it doesn’t include adolescent girls, unmarried women, or women in relationships with women. A new report details why this approach isn’t a best practice, particularly for women who are experiencing violence in their homes and communities. The report shows the intersections between gender inequality and violence against women and the catastrophic problem will continue to face unless we start talking about these intersections.

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