US Olympian in the Making

November 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

We all remember the amazing accomplishments that so many of the US women achieved at the 2012 London Summer Olympics this past summer. I remember watching the events and getting chills every time the women’s teams won a medal. From swimming, to gymnastics, to track, US women were leaving their mark in London.

I recently stumbled upon an article about a teen girl beating an 11-year old track record on a 3-mile course. Sarah Baxter finished the course in 16:00 minutes; an entire minute and 7 seconds less than the fastest time recorded!  What stood out to me the most was the final quote in the article from her coach Roger Evans. “It was something they thought insurmountable, that a girl could run that fast,” said Evans about Sarah’s amazing feat. It was enlightening to know that the perception that women can’t do things as well as men was broken and reevaluated by Sarah just doing what she loved to do. It’s nice to see that women’s equality in the face of society is still evolving to this day. I can already see Sarah Baxter making major headline news in future Olympics!

– Jennifer C.


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