A Second Response to The Flipside of Femisism: Why Feminism Has Ruined America

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Phyllis Schlafy’s new book (written with her niece Suzanne Venker), The Flipside of Feminism, has the feminist community in an uproar. In this new take on the negative impact of feminism on America, Phyllis suggests that the 1960s women’s revolution mImageovement ruined women and the country. What does Schlafy’s new view on feminism in America look like? Take a look at the five ways that feminism has ruined America in her opinion:

1. It hurt marriage. Women want to wait so that they can keep their identities longer and men are finding easy sex, taking away a big reason for marriage.

2. Undermines child rearing. More kids are in childcare where discipline is lax resulting in a “epidemic” of bad kids, childhood obesity, and bullies.

3. Two-income trap. With both husband and wife working it’s hard to live without life’s luxuries.

4. Undermines college sports. Title IX has ended many male-only sports at some colleges.

5. Emasculates men. It’s better to be a wuss than speak up or mouth off and face charges of harassment or chauvinism.

Schlafy and her niece attempt to highlight what “conservatives” think is wrong with feminism, but offer little insight on how to “fix” the aforementioned problems.

Venker states that “Feminism has sabotaged women’s happiness.”

What do you think?

Personally, if they say feminism did those things, I think ignorance wrote them.

-Brandi S.



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