Michelle Obama: A Strong Woman

November 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a young adult, I am very impressionable. Personally, I always feel as though I am trying to find myself. Just recently, I wondered if I was in the right major. I questioned what I wanted to do in my life. I pondered on what I saw myself doing in the future and if I was on the right path to that future. As many do, I looked for inspiration. I asked myself, “What do you want people to say about you?” When I try to think of women I see in the media who carry the characteristics I admire, few come to mind. The problem is that what someone shows us in the spotlight may not be their true character. However, I will say that there are a few people that I find admirable. There are women out there who are put in certain situations in which I personally don’t think I am strong enough as of yet to handle. I find these women to be true role models. One of my favorite women is Michelle Obama.

You may ask “why her?” Is it because of her husband? I will admit that he does have something to do with it, but it may not be what you think. There’s a saying that I’ve heard for years. It’s “behind every great man there is a great woman.” Whether someone is an Obama supporter or not is not the issue. I believe that Michelle Obama is a truly great woman. When I see her on TV or in the news, there is just something about her.

I remember watching actress Kelly Reilly in a couple of movies, and I thought to myself that there is just an air about the way she presents herself. Reilly, in my opinion, carries a somewhat regal air about her that shows a soft spoken and proper character.
Now I’m not saying that Mrs. Obama has a regal air about her, but I will say that the way she presents herself to the public makes me want to be like her. And before you say, “You see an air about her and so you want to be just like her? That doesn’t make any sense,” let’s just see.

So far from what I see, Michelle Obama is one to be admired. She is a mother of two children who adore her. The next time you see the Obama’s out for a family outing look at the way the kids look at her. I see the love of two girls for their mother and in return a see a mother’s unconditional love. To be a mother, you have to be strong. Being a parent is never easy, but I think that she handles it well. From what I know, she always put her daughters first and even had reservation about her husband running for office in fear of a negative impact it could cause on their children. To me, that characteristic is very special. To think of one’s children first, even if an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is knocking at the door, is something all parents should do. She is a role model where her family is concerned.

Not only does she show me what an admirable mother she is, but also what an excellent wife she is. I see her as President Obama’s right hand. I see the support that she gives to her husband, even if she was against him taking up office at first. I see the love and care she has for her husband and the strength that she lends him. When anyone takes office, there will be critics and skeptics always trying to tear the person down. The media did not just attack Barack Obama, but her as well. Yet, I saw a woman who held her head up and continued forward. Both her and her husband continued leaning on each other and their family for support. Not many people could do that.
When one is the first lady, there is an image to uphold. I believe that Mrs. Obama does so very well. I often see her involved with charities and fundraisers as many do, but I see her more involved. Now that may just be me, but I think I see her more than the other first ladies during my lifetime. Maybe I am just paying more attention to her and the others did the same as she does, and if so that’s great. However, Mrs. Obama does put herself out there. She does a lot of work with kids, and I like to see those kinds of things because children are our future.

I will not say that Michelle Obama has been the strongest first lady I have seen. I consider Hillary Clinton to be just as strong. The way she handled the situation concerning her husband was admirable – a lot of people could not do that. To me that’s a different level of strength. Mrs. Clinton should also be admired with the way she came close to being the Democratic candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election. That is a wonderful accomplishment.

Nevertheless I will say that I see Michelle Obama as a true role model. She is intelligent. She has had a wonderful career. She has what I think to be a great personality. And she makes me want to be like her in the future. Michelle Obama is my inspiration.

– Erika K.


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