Response to Five Ways Feminism Has Ruined America

November 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently came across an article about the book Five Ways Feminism Has Ruined America. The book was written by a male, and he outlines several reasons about why the women’s revolution movement is ruining America. As a feminist, I was of course taken aback by the title, but it sparked my intellectual curiosity to investigate the book further.

The first point the author mentioned is that feminism hurts marriage, citing that “Women want to wait so that they can keep their identities longer and men are finding easy sex, taking away a big reason for marriage.” I’m sorry, but I believe that a real man will respect a woman’s wishes and wait until after marriage to engage in sexual intercourse. Also, sex is not the only component or reason for marriage, and if it is, then maybe that couple is getting married for the wrong reason.

The second point is that feminism “undermines child rearing.” To be a good, responsible parent starts off by being a good, responsible, honest, and strong individual yourself. There is no evidence that feminism leads to an “epidemic of bad kids, childhood obesity, bullies, or any of the other problems associated with our youth today.

The third point the author made is called the “two-income trap.”Maybe the author is still living in the 1920’s, because he forgot that we are living in an economic recession. We could all use every penny that we can get. I think the author would prefer to see women only having a domestic role, or being a “stay at home” mom.

The fourth point the author makes is that feminism “undermines college sports.” The last time I checked, college sports are still in existence, and most people are fans of both men’s only and women’s only sports.

The fifth point the author makes is that feminism “emasculates men.” The author seems to think that if men speak up or counter against women, then he will be charged with harassment or chauvinism. REALLY???!! This logic is simply erroneous and atrocious. The author of this book needs a diversity and inclusion training as soon as possible.

For more information about the book Five Ways Feminism Has Ruined America, read the blog at

– Alfonza L.


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