Just a Little Something to Think About

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Though by no means new, the subject of body image is still a very important one when thinking of issues that women face. I didn’t initially set out to write about this issue as it is one on which there is no shortage of opinions. However, when I saw the following cartoon, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it. I’m sure it’s not new or by any means radical but I just love how simply it conveys its message: no matter what you think is wrong with yourself or your image, you’ve still got a pretty “sweet body” and should be proud of it and comfortable in it.


It also shows that being overweight is not the only complaint women have about their bodies. Even the girl with the perfectly long legs and skinny waist might think she’s too flat like the banana or that she doesn’t have the right skin tone like the orange. The cartoon effectively showcases the wide variety of uncertainties women face about themselves beyond just being overweight. It also reminds us, in what I think is an adorable way, to look past all of these insecurities. Most likely, people are not picking us apart the way we do ourselves. Instead, the people that matter will see more things about us than our bodies like how much fun they have when they’re around us or how dedicated we are to the things in our lives. There are other things that make up a person than what they look like and it is the people that see and acknowledge those things that you want to keep in your life.

Sometimes I think it is small, cute cartoons like this one that most successfully convey simple but important messages and remind us about what is important. All it can take on a day you’re feeling down is to look at these fruits and be reminded that despite how you might be feeling in that moment, someone out there thinks you have a “sweet body.”

– Kim U.


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