Double Standards: A Personal Reflection

March 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Why are there so many double standards???!!! For example, when I was growing up, I was taught that it was never okay for a male to place his hands on a female, but the converse of this statement is not true (or at least emphasized). Another example is how it is okay for females to wear both girls’ clothing and boys’ clothing, but it is generally not acceptable for a male to wear girls’ clothing. Why are these double standards constantly perpetuated in today’s society???

The root of this problem involves gender and society norms created in America. These norms have done nothing but foster fear, hate, intolerance, and no liberation. They have allowed people to stay within his/her comfort zones and not challenge the norms or think outside the box. Thankfully, America is slowly (but surely) turning a tide towards change, equality, diversity, tolerance, acceptance, and liberation. Today, I see people wear non-gender conforming clothing and most people do not have a problem with this. Today, I see males wearing make-up in public. Today, I see people of the same sex showing public displays of affection.

Unfortunately, this new progressive stage is not accepted or visible everywhere, especially outside the city of Atlanta. In many places, women are still subjugated to being treated as second class citizens. Recently in the news, an openly gay man who intended to run for mayor in a city in Mississippi was found dead in a river, in what authorities described as a homicide. Sometimes when I see the current state of America today, it breaks my heart, but I am that much more motivated to get involved in my community, to create a social change, and to end the double standards that have plagued our society for decades.

– Alfonza L.


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