Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

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Why do women underestimate their beauty? I recently stumbled upon this truly inspiring Dove commercial aimed defining what beauty really is in order to create a worldwide conversation about it and encourage debate.

To be honest, I had never even heard about this campaign but after finding the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, I began to read all about it. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty began in 2004 after a global study found that a mere 2% of women around the world considered themselves beautiful. Since 2004, Dove has implemented new instruments of communications that encourage women to join this discussion and to challenge the stereotypes that society has about beauty.

In the Dove Real Beauty Sketches, six women were asked to describe their appearance to forensic artist Gil Zamora who created composite sketches based off of their descriptions. Before this, the women were asked to spend time with strangers without knowing why they were doing so. After they were sketched the first time, the strangers were asked to describe the woman that had been sketched earlier. The differences in the sketches were truly amazing. They showed that women don’t consider themselves beautiful based off of what people use to tell them or based off of this fake perception of what beauty really is from society in general.

Watching this video gave me the chills. By the end of the commercial I was almost in tears because of the powerful message that it conveyed. It is time that we stop thinking about what is wrong with us and time to start embracing the natural beauty that we were born with.

Watch it, think about it, and remember, YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOU THINK.

– Jennifer C.


Shocking Protection

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Recently I came across an article called Shocking! Indian Engineers Introduce Electric ‘Anti-Rape’ Underwear. Intrigued I, of course, read the article. It described three engineers who were fed up with sexual violence against women. They wanted to create a way for women to fend against sexual offences.

They created SHE, or the Society Harnessing Equipment. SHE is undergarment that has been wired with pressure sensors and has an electric board that will send a shock of up to 82 volts to offenders. SHE is also equipped with a GPS system that will send an alert to parents and/or the police.

When I first read the article, I thought that the idea was great and that SHE could really help cut down on sexual violence against women. However the more I think about it the more skeptical I get. I want to believe that the underwear would solve all problems, but I couldn’t help but think about a couple of things. For one what if the woman wanted to have sexual relations with a man. Will the underwear be able to tell the difference between an offender and a non-offender? Also will it only activate with direct contact? What if someone is giving the woman wearing SHE a hug, would it still shock them?

I personally think that the idea is great. Nonetheless I feel that I need a little proof that it will work and that it won’t harm innocents.

What do you think? Read the article to find more info on the SHE and decide what you think on the new invention.

– Erika K.

Three Female Submariners Earn their Dolphins & Break

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In late March 2013, the U.S. Navy’s first female submariners earned their “dolphins.” The oldest of Navy’s warfare pins, Dolphins has been a longstanding tradition to honor officers who have qualified as an officer of the deck and an engineering officer of the watch. This entails having a high peer ranking, admirable leadership qualities, and passing a tough board. It took a rigorous year of training followed by a year at sea with a strategic deterrent patrol, but these amazing women were able to break the glass ceiling. These three women started with the cadre of 17 officers who began the sub force’s integration late last year. Lt. j.g. Jennifer Noonan and Lt. j.g. Amber Cowan, are crew members with the ballistic-missile sub Maine’s blue crew and received their insignia at a ceremony in Bangor, Wash., the Maine’s home port. “It is a monumental mark of the confidence my command and crew has in me,” said Cowan, whose dolphins were pinned on by her husband, Lt. Adam Cowan, a naval flight officer. “And earning that respect and acceptance is a feeling that I will hold with me for my entire life”.  This is just the first step of many towards gender equality in our nation’s military.

– Brandi S.


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