University Culture – GT1000 Guest Post #1

September 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

This semester, the GT Women’s Resource Center is teaching a section of GT 1000, Georgia Tech’s freshman seminar class. As part of our class, we are having each of our students contribute a blog post. The following post is the first one, discussing the transition from high school to college.


The transition from high school to college is one that presents many challenges each unique and requiring its own difficult adaption.  In order to do well in college students are imbued with an overwhelming amount of advice from parents, grandparents, older friends, even the casual acquaintance wants to put in their two cents. My own personal experience of the transition from college to high school will hopefully allow me to be successful throughout college and into the rest of my life. The two best pieces of advice I have heard our both from my parents.

The first parcel of advice that my parents told me is to develop three parts of yourself, your mind, body and soul. This advice stems from my parents wanting me to be a well-rounded individual while growing up. This advice also leans towards a main goal of having and living a balanced lifestyle.  I act on this advice by doing an activity from each category mind, body, and soul. I enrich my mind by going to class, doing homework and reading intellectually stimulating books in my spare time. I enhance my body by eating nutritiously, weightlifting, and running. I engage my soul by going to church, joining extracurricular clubs, and doing philanthropic works. The advice to live a balanced lifestyle is crucial to having a successful career at Tech and also for the future.

The second most useful piece of advice was imparted by my parents as they were leaving after moving all my stuff into the dorm, they said “Not to worry about making all A’s, have fun, enjoy yourself and make us proud.” While that advice may sound pretty standard, it sounds surprising coming from my parents. This is surprising because my Dad is a professor here, therefore it sounded peculiar for him to not want me to worry about getting all A’s. The advice is just beginning to make sense to me now. It is important to enjoy your time in college while here because once it’s over, it’s over.

I believe that my own experiences coupled with the advice from my parents will result in a successful college and future career. Their advice is important because without it; I would be like a blooming flower with no roots, destined to die.

– Zachary B.


*The opinions and views expressed on or through this blog are the opinions of the designated authors and do not reflect the opinions or views of the GT Women’s Resource Center*


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