What I’ve Learned So Far – GT1000 Guest Post #5

October 17, 2013 § Leave a comment

This semester, the GT Women’s Resource Center is teaching a section of GT 1000, Georgia Tech’s freshman seminar class. As part of our class, we are having each of our students contribute a blog post. The following post is the fifth one discussing what one student has learned in GT1000 so far this semester.


The semester is half-way through. I learned a lot in GT100-WRC class. We identified the differences between high school and college life. The LASSI test and reading assignments were designed to help us improve our study strategy so that we can better adapt to new college life. The advice I got from the class was really useful. For example, I begin to do a lot of time management. Also, I try to get involved in all kinds of activities.

All the information that was presented in the class is really useful too. I made a reservation at Communication Center and had professional staff revise my English paper and the result turned out to be excellent. I could have never known this resource without GT1000. I recently had a meeting with my career counselor and I am on my way exploring my career path. I could have never thought about starting this early without all the suggestions GT1000 provided to me. In addition, the resume project is extremely useful. Now I have a basic idea about what a resume is and what companies are expecting from my resume. Skills and tactics about writing a resume are also very useful. Thanks to this class, I had my first resume in my life.

One of the highlight of the class is the gender study. I really enjoy learning what opportunities we have for women here at GT. Studying in a college where male population is dominating could be intimidating. However, I learned to live in this campus feeling comfortable about the ratio through GT1000. Now I am really looking forward to the Women In Academia Project. I hope I can find connections through this project and learn more about women in academia.

– Jing Y.


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