Wrapping Up GT1000 – GT1000 Guest Post #6

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

This semester, the GT Women’s Resource Center is teaching a section of GT 1000, Georgia Tech’s freshman seminar class. As part of our class, we are having each of our students contribute a blog post. The following post is one discussing what one student got out of being a student in GT 1000 this past semester.


Although GT1000 is only an hour per week course, it has successfully taught me the most.  Throughout the course, variety of programs and special guest’s instructional speech has helped me to grow as a college student.  First of all, GT1000 offered a number of tips of how to socialize in college, a big network where everyone has unique background, interests, goals, and living style.  One practical tip was that to use the first couple weeks to make friends for everyone is very social.

Of course, GT1000 also helped me how to academically success at tech.  For example, LASSI test not only identified and analyzed my current learning style, but it also offered me which type of studying strategy will best fit according to my strengths that I am a visual learner and need to improve on my time management.  Further, I really enjoyed the class setting where our class as a group discuss to find solutions for our problems, for it is from someone’s experience which is very practical.

Such programs as public speaking, major/career research, and leadership have taught me not only to survive at tech but to thrive at tech.  In fact, I was undeclared engineering prior to the research.  However, through a research, I found that mechanical engineering focused on energy best fits my styles and interests.  Further, public speaking is one of the most challenging skills, so the public speaking lesson was very informative for me.  Indeed, I turned to be a college student through a GT1000.

– Juhyeong J.


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