GT1000 Reflection – GT1000 Guest Post #8

December 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

This semester, the GT Women’s Resource Center is teaching a section of GT 1000, Georgia Tech’s freshman seminar class. As part of our class, we are having each of our students contribute a blog post. The following post discusses one student’s reflection on her experience in GT 1000 this semester.


I’ve had a rather nice time in GT 1000 this year.  I’m very happy I took GT 1000 with the Women’s Resource Center versus taking a major-specific one.  I know that lots of my friends had to put in a lot of time and effort into their GT1000s for their majors.  I like that this class got us familiar with the things around campus without putting too much extra work on us.  From other classes, I had enough homework and studying to do.  I took GT1000 to get familiar with Tech, and this class definitely did that for me.

I also liked that our class was so small.  It was really easy to get to know everyone, and I felt like I actually knew the Team Leaders and teachers of our class.  You were all very approachable with anything from how our day is going to questions about the class.  If I had anything I wish had gone differently, it would be that we did things in small groups more.  I know that participation was usually a hard thing to get out of our class, so I’m sure that breaking into groups with a Team Leader in each group would help.

GT 1000 was very successful for me.  I know that some people find GT 1000s of any section to be a bit of a waste since they only get a resume out it.  But, I believe, that is because they didn’t take the time to actually take in everything this class had to offer.  GT 1000 led me to get more involved around campus and brought more events to my attention.  If I hadn’t taken this class and talked to Gwen, I wouldn’t even have known about Omega Phi Alpha, and I definitely wouldn’t be a sister.  For me, this class was a great break from the stressful world of core classes with lectures, heavy homework, labs, quizzes, tests, and projects.  It started my Thursdays and always put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

– Teresa S.


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